The experience

Are you porud of your pregnant body and whant to show everyone how beutiful you are? Great! We will celebrate your new shapes and create beutiful pictures for you to cherish.


Or maybe you feel huge and tired all the time and you think that it would be completely insane to have your pictures taken as you are not looking and feeling your best? I still think you should consider having your pictures taken because our maternity photoshoot is something more than just a celebration of a pregnant body. It focuses on the connection between you and the baby. We aim to create pictures that look good today, but have that timeless quality that will make generation to come smile when looking at them. Your pregnancy pictures, in my opinion, are not just for you, they are part of your legacy.


So in short:

  • your baby will love seeing you pregnant with him/her
  • it is an important milestone- part of your family legacy
  • if planning to have an newborn pictures taken – maternity session will let you get familiar with the photographer
  • ‘bump-to-baby’ albums look great!


So when it is best to have these taken?

I would say that you will know best- you have to feel well and also the belly has to be nice and round. For some (especially carrying multiplets) that point will be a little bit sooner, but usually I say weeks 32-36 are the best.


How long will it take?

It depends if you want studio or on location shoot. In my studio it is usually 1-2 hours depending on what you want (how many outfit changes, family members joining etc.). It also depends on how you feel as I will never force you beyond certain point. Let’s be honest sometimes even standing up for a few minutes can be a challange, so there may be a degree of discomfort depending on how you feel. We will discus that prior to the session and I will ask you many times during the shoot if you are fine to go ahead.