Skin to skin contact is so important for babies and we love to capture that in our pictures. It also allows you to look at them in years to come without rolling your eyes at todays fashion. Earthy neutral colors are usually the perfect backdrop to show natural beauty of a few days young baby. They will also not overpower the delicate skin tone to distract your eye from the wee model.


You will get some variety in our images as we always try to create at least two set-ups for each session, let us know if there is a particular color scheme that you like. If you would like to go a little bit crazy- talk to Anna who tends to go for more adventurous color choices.


Robert is more found of capturing images in photojournalistic style so (especially if you have older children) if you want some candid shots taken in your home environment, he is the one to talk to. He is the person you should talk to if thinking about capturing your mischievous kids without them realising that they are being photographed.